Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors:

  1. The journal accepts papers in English or Russian.
  2. The number of authors of a paper is not limited.
  3. Authors have to submit one hardcopy and electronic version of manuscript and any graphic material.
  4. Manuscript should be printed on one side only of A4 paper with 1.5 line spacing (29-30 lines per page), font Times New Roman 14 pt.Electronic version of the manuscript should be prepared in Microsoft Word .doc The margins should be: left3 cm; right 1 cm; top and bottom2.5 cm.
  5. Manuscript should be 12-18 pages of length, including main text, figures (no more than 3), and references. Tables, figures and figure legends should be printed on separate pagesand attached at the bottom of the main text.
  6. Mathematical and chemical symbols, equations, and formulae should be clearly written and marked out.Math formulae should be typed in 10 pt font with MathType Equation, MathMagic Pro Equation, or Microsoft Equation editors.Figures (color) should be embedded in the word file with the possibility of further edition in Microsoft Word, or Excel (font 10), or submitted as separate files in jpg format (300×300dpi). Supply photographs in separate files in jpg format (300×300 dpi).
  7. At the beginning of the paper appropriate section should be specified:
  • history;
  • Olympic education;
  • athletic training;
  • biology;
  • medicine;
  • biomechanics;
  • psychology;
  • sociology, economics, management;
  • foreign experience;
  • from the experience of outstanding athletes;
  • an invitation to discussion;
  1. Text structure:
  • UDK;
  • section;
  • title (in Russian and English languages);
  • last name, name of the author(s) (in Russian and English languages);
  • complete name(s) of institution(s), address;
  • summary (in Russian, about 900-1200 characters). Structure: objective (that do not duplicate the paper title), methods (including information about contingent of participants of the study), results (e. g. “It was discovered…”, “It was found…”, “It was shown…”), and conclusion;
  • keywords (in Russian, no more than 5-6 words);
  • statement of the problem, significance;
  • connectionwith scientific themes and research programmes;
  • objective;
  • methods and organization of the studies (indicate the number of participants, their age, experimental design, and equipment used in the study);
  • results and discussion (practical studies should be illustrated with tables, providing the results of statistical analysis of the data, or charts, without duplication of the data in main text);
  • conclusions and prospects for further research;
  • list of referencesin original language which should be in compliance with international standards. References should be listed by alphabetical order of author; citations within the text are mandatory and listed by numbers from the list of references in square brackets (for example [2]). Reference should include complete title of the journal and names of all the authors of work. If the reference has a DOI, you must provide it at the end of the reference;
  • short abstract in Russian (200-300 characters);
  • author’s information (last name, name, position, academic degree, academic rank, complete name of institution and address of the author’s affiliated institution); postal code, address; phone numbers (work, mobile and home); email address).
  1. Review papers may have simplifiedstructure. The following parts are mandatory: statement of the problem, significance; objective; results and discussion; conclusions and prospects for further research; list of references.
  2. Manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal “Science in Olympic sport” are peer reviewed by internal, and when it is necessary (at the discretion of editors) by external referees. The main criteria for manuscript evaluation include the originality and novelty of the research, importance of the topic for the field, as well as its accessibility and interest for experts in different fields of sport science.
  3. Publication of articles is free of charge. After publication, the corresponding author will receive two hard copies free of charge.

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2018, 3
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