Olympic education conception (long-term experience of development and practical implementation)

Authors: Vladislav Stoliarov
Chapter: History
Published in: 2019, 3
Keywords: Olympic education, theory, concept, mistakes and ways of overcoming them, олімпійська освіта

Objective. Generalization of long-term experience in the development and practical realization of the author’s concept of the Olympic education and identification of actual problems and serious mistakes in the theory and practice of this pedagogical activity on this basis.
Results. In recent years, there has been a widespread interest in the Olympic education, even on the part of those who have recently opposed this pedagogical activity. This positive process has also caused serious errors in the theory and practice of the Olympic education. 1. A very broad understanding of the Olympic education. It often includes almost any form of pedagogical activity in the field of physical culture and sport: activity aimed at preserving and promoting human health, formation of physical qualities and physical culture, training sports skills, etc. 2. A very narrow understanding of pedagogical activities related to the involvement of children and young people in the ideals and values of the Olympism: its goals and tasks lead to formation of knowledge about the Olympic movement and the Olympism only. 3. The main efforts are focused on the formation in children and young people of only knowledge about the facts that characterize the history and current state of the Olympic movement. Although this knowledge is important, more significant is the knowledge about the goals and tasks of the Olympic movement, the ideals and values of the Olympism, the basic concepts of the Coubertin’s concept, their role, meaning and ways of implementation in modern conditions, how to preserve the humanistic value of the modern Olympic movement and eliminate negative phenomena associated with it. The researches allowed to specify the concept of the “Olympic education”, to clarify what knowledge, interests and needs, value orientations and skills should be formed in the course of this pedagogical activity, as well as to reveal the most common mistakes in the interpretation of this concept.
В статье обобщен многолетний опыт разработки и практической реализации авторской концепции олимпийского образования. Дана характеристика актуальных проблем и серьезных ошибок в теории и практике этой педагогической деятельности.

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