Editorial policy of the journal “Science in Olympic sport”


The founders of the journal “Science in Olympic sport”, when forming editorial policy of the periodical, took into considerationthat there are many various scientific, scientific-methodical and scientific-practical sports journals with a narrow focus (technique of athletes’ preparation, sports physiology, sports medicine, kinesiology, pedagogics, history of sport, sports economics, management and marketing in sports, etc.), and strived and are striving now, unlike such highly specialized periodicals, to cover various aspects of the Olympic sport and the Olympic movement in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Everything is done to ensure that results of fundamental and applied scientific research and prospects for their implementation in the Olympic sport, a variety of methodological developments, experience of leading practitioners, etc. covered in the journal articles are integrated into one coherent system of knowledge in their organic relationship.

In particular, extensive categorization of publications thematic(5-8 different sections per an issue) ensuring that specialists of any profile may found interesting and useful information in the journal contributes to this.

For the purpose of support of such a wide diverse range of publications thematic editorial board of the journal invites to write articlesleading native and foreign experts from different countries.

At the same time, Editorial Board of the journal “Science in Olympic sport” prevents from publicationin the periodicalpapers of low significance or of dubious nature. Stringent requirements for manuscripts submitted to the journal and careful screening guaranteed througha mandatory reviewing by internal and, when necessary, by external referees provide barrier to such articles.

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2021, 4
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