The rebels of 1894 and a visionary activist

Authors: Volker Kluge
Chapter: History
Published in: 2020, 1
Keywords: Pierre de Coubertin, Olympic Games, revivat, 1894, П’єр де Кубертен, Олімпійські ігри, відродження, 1894
The article is dedicated to Pierre de Coubertin, the French public figure and initiator of the Olympic Games revival. He initiated free movement of athletes, embodied the idea of peace and made a proposal to restore the Olympic Games. Coubertin couldn't remember when he thought of reviving the Olympics, but ancient Olympia had always been "a place of nostalgia" for him. However, the path to his goal realization was not easy, the sensational idea of the revival of the Olympic Games did not always find feedback, and almost no one could understand the consequences and separate the idea of Coubertin from ancient views of the Olympic Games. The obvious difficulties and the loss of support failed to stop the visionary aristocrat, but prompted organization of large-scale events, including the Congress of 1894, which first considered the possibility of reviving the Olympic Games and the conditions for their restoration. “The project referred to in the last paragraph will rather be a pleasant expression of the international harmony to which we do not aspire, but simply envision. Restoration of the Olympic Games on the basis and in the conditions that meet the needs of modern life will gather representatives of the peoples of the world every four years, and one can think that this peaceful and polite rivalry will represent the best form of internationalism." More than once, Coubertin had to defend his idea in serious discussions, but ultimately it was agreed that the international games should be held every four years and include only amateur athletes with the exception of fencing. What made the Games a reality was the work of a prominent person. Pierre de Coubertin was a true seer. Low height, he was big on business.
Статья посвящена французскому общественному деятелю, инициатору возрождения Олимпийских игр - Пьеру де Кубертену, который положил начало свободному перемещению спортсменов, внедряя идею мира, и внес предложение возрождения Олимпийских игр.

Онлайн версия журнала "Наука в олимпийском спорте""

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