Psychological problems in modern sport

Authors: Tatyana Yancheva
Chapter: Psychology
Published in: 2020, 1
Keywords: psychological problems, challenges, success, glory, ego-orientation, психологічні проблеми, виклики, успіх, слава, его-орієнтація
The article addresses the main psychological problems and contradictions that arise as a result of modern sport challenges. Particular attention is paid to how to cope with success and glory. Subjective experiences of success can lead to different types of behavioral effects - from mobilization and mental distress to overconfidence, disorganization and loss of activity.
Objective. To study the relationship between the athlete's goal orientation and his experience of success (definition, interpretation, consequences). The study involved 115 athletes of various sports events divided into groups by age, gender and qualifications.
Methods: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, the Internet, surveys of athletes to determine the goal orientation.
Results. Athletes define success mainly as self-confidence and self-evidence. Mobilization and belief in one’s abilities are dominant. The most significant success factors are good preparation and expended efforts. Some athletes have some negative effects - slackness, lack of efforts and increased emotional reactions. Goal orientation at a task and cognitive coping strategies dominate. There are significant differences depending on gender, age and qualification. Relationships between the studied indices were identified.
Conclusions. The results obtained, as well as the established regularities, point to the possibility of improving and regulating the negative consequences in the preparation process with a specific purposeful, scientifically substantiated impact, of which coping strategies are a part.
В статье изложены основные психологические проблемы и противоречия, которые возникают в результате вызовов современного спорта. Особое внимание уделено тому, как справиться с успехом и славой. Субъективный опыт успеха может привести к разным видам поведенческих эффектов - от мобилизации и психических потрясений до самоуверенности, дезорганизации и потери активности.

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