Influence of high intensity interval training on body composition and blood pressure of atletes in strength sports

Authors: Aleksandr Miroshnikov, Andrey Smolensky, Aleksandr Formenov
Chapter: Меdicine And Biology
Published in: 2020, 2
Keywords: physical rehabilitation, blood pressure, strength, powerlifting, interval training, arterial hypertension

Objective. To substantiate the possibility of using high intensity interval aerobic work in representatives of strength sports events to manage changes in body composition, maximum oxygen consumption, blood pressure and oxidative capacity of skeletal muscles.
Methods. The study involved 55 athletes specialized in strength sports events (powerlifting) of heavyweight categories. Athletes were randomized into two groups: the main group, whose participants have been performing strength and high intensity interval work for 120 days (n = 35) and the control group performing only strength work (n = 20). The following methods were used to implement the tasks set in the study: interview, survey, blood pressure measurement by means of self-control, bioimpedancemetry, ergospirometry, methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. The results of rehabilitation with the inclusion of high intensity interval training lasting 120 days showed the reduction of the fat component content, increasing in the oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle and decreasing of blood pressure.
Conclusion. The developed training protocol of high intensity interval training based on the accounting of metabolic variables, will allow eff ective and safe impact on the effi ciency of arterial hypertension prevention and treatment, as well as management of changes in body composition and energy production processes in skeletal muscle, which will positively infl uence the effi ciency of training and competitive process of skilled athletes.
В статье показан важный для практики спорта приоритет развития окислительных способностей скелетных мышц над изменениями в составе тела при включении развивающих аэробных нагрузок в тренировочные занятия силовой направленности.

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