Peculiarities of the sprinter training process methodology

Authors: Valerii Borzov
Chapter: From Experience Of Great Athletes
Published in: 2020, 3
Keywords: methods, training process, sprinter, start, visual images, motion simulation, running technique, Методика, тренувальний процес, спринтер, старт, зорові образи, смислові установки, імітація рухів, техніка бігу

doi: 10.32652/olympic2020.3_5

Objective. Summarize many years of personal experience in designing training process and offer useful recommendations for improving various aspects of sprinter fitness.
Methods. Generalization of own experience of preparation, self-experiment, methods of statistical analysis.
Results. The article presents information on the organization of the start and starting actions of the sprinter. Features of strength and speed training, methods of special and speed endurance development are considered. Recommendations are given regarding the use of ballistic mode of muscle work and synchronization of movements, as well as stabilization of the motor skill of the sprinter. The arsenal of training influences (means, methods and skills) is presented. The experience of improving the individual technique of short distance running on the basis of simulating the movements of some animals, the use of visual images is reflected. Attention is also paid at typical errors in the running technique and methods of their correction. Premonitory signs of injuries and overtraining are specified.


1. Borzov VF. Bol'shoy sprint vo sne i nayavu. Kiyev: Olimpiyskaya literatura; 2016. 192 p.

Received: 20.10.2020


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