Автори: Віталій Сазонов, Ірина Земцова
Розділ: Медицина И Биология
Видано у номері: 2018, 1
Ключові слова: athletic wrestling, metabolism, exercise tests, lipid peroxidation, lactate, спортивная борьба, метаболизм, тестирующие нагрузки, перекисное окисление липидов, лактат
Effectiveness of the administration of the «Antilaktat» dietary supplement and the «Alakton» product as a means of improvement of recovery processes in skilled wrestlers. Vitalii Sazonov, Irina Zemtsova
Objective. Improvement of recovery processes in the body of skilled wrestlers at the specialized preparatory phase of the preparatory period using pharmacological («Alakton") and dietary («Antilaktat") agents.
Methods. Analysis and generalization of literature data, pedagogical, biochemical, hematological, psychophysiological, and mathematical statistics methods. The studies involved 46 athletes specializing in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling (candidates for masters of sport and masters of sport) aged 17-21 years. The study was conducted during the intensity microcycle in the specific preparatory stage of the preparatory period.
Results. At the specific preparatory phase of the preparatory period, skilled wrestlers, in addition to the high values of the indicators of specific working capacity, show insufficient recovery, low antioxidant capacity, and reduced functional capabilities of the central nervous system, which may be precursors to the onset of overtraining. The «Antilaktat» dietary supplement and the «Alakton» pharmaceutical agent were administered as a means of improvement of recovery processes in wrestlers. Under their influence, there occurred an increase in specific working capacity, stimulation of lactate utilization and functioning of the antioxidant system, and an increase in the stability of blood biochemical parameters. Administration of the «Alakton» led to a decrease in the maximum blood lactate levels after the performance of the 30-second Wingate Test, thus indicating reduced lactic acidosis and a positive effect on the recovery processes. Significant correlations were found between the functioning of the higher nervous system and specific working capacity, as well as between the metabolic changes and the power of work in the 30-second Wingate test. These effects are specific to «Alakton" and demonstrate its benefits compared to «Antilaktat".
Conclusions. "Alakton" and "Antilaktat" can be used as a means of improvement of the recovery processes in the preparation of skilled wrestlers, as well as in other sports, where energy supply relies mainly on anaerobic glycolysis.

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