Автори: Андрій Дяченко, Олена Лисенко, Валерій Виноградов
Розділ: Биология
Видано у номері: 2014, 3
Ключові слова: специальная выносливость, функциональные возможности, академическая гребля, special endurance, functional capacities, rowing

Objective. To determine peculiarities and main characteristics of special endurance functional provision in highly skilled athletes of cyclic sports events at different segments of competitive distance.
Methods. Assessment of physical work capacity and cardiorespiratory system (CRS) response under conditions of testing loads, methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. Characteristics of metabolic responses and those of CRS, influencing work capacity at the beginning, middle and final part of the distance have been determined: anaerobic glycolytic (НLamax, НLa) and aerobic energy supply (VO2), speed of O2 intake (Т50 VО2), cardiorespiratory system stability under conditions of increased degree of acidosis (MAOD), ability to maintain anaerobic reserve at the second half of the distance and its realization during final acceleration (AOD).
Conclusion. Presented data permit to evaluate the potential of rowers’ special endurance and to determine specific functional features, which provide its realization in the course of competitive activity.

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