Автори: Олена Дьоміна
Розділ: История
Видано у номері: 2018, 3
Ключові слова: women's sport, North Africa, the Near East, women's rights, athletes, hijab, development strategy, женский спорт, Северная Африка, Ближний Восток, права женщин, спортсменки, хиджаб, стратегия развития
The history of establishing and the current state of women's sport in the countries of North Africa and the Near East Alona Domina
Objective. To substantiate the process of establishing and development of women's sport in the countries of North Africa and the Near East.
Methods. Analysis and generalization of specialized literature; documentary sources and materials of the Internet; historical and logical method; comparative method; method of system analysis.
Results. On the basis of the study of the characteristics of each country in North Africa and the Middle East and the identifi cation of the main factors infl uencing the process of formation and development of women's sport, along with the generalization of statistical data on the participation of women of the described regions in competitions of va rious levels, practical recommendations were substantiated and developed as an integrated strategy for women's sport development, which are consists of fi ve major interconnected blocks: the informational and promotional, which covers the range of issues related to the informational support for the strategy, community outreach, healthy life style promotion and popularization of leisure time physical and sports activities, and the selection of optimal approaches to achieve the goals; the materialtechnical, which involves the issues related to sports infrastructure, specially organized places for leisure time physical and sports activity, and the opportunities for adapting infrastructure for women's sport, taking into account the cultural and social characteristics of the regions; the educational, consisting of possible educational programs for women in North Africa and the Middle East countries; the normative legal, which includes legal issues and disputes related to the rights and responsibilities of women in society; the scientifi c and practical block, which covers all the issues, from the designing of the training process to the social peculiarities of North Africa and the Near East countries; as well as the integral, which includes all the factors infl uencing the development of women's sport in the specifi ed regions.
Conclusion. The carried out studies and generalization of available statistical and sociological data made it possible to substantiate the ways for women's sport development in the countries of North Africa and the Near East.

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