Автори: Валентина Воронова, Світлана Шутова
Розділ: Психология
Видано у номері: 2014, 3
Ключові слова: психические состояния, эмоциональная напряженность, психические нагрузки, личностные факторы, качества личности, mental states, emotional tension, mental loads, personal factors, personality quality

Objective. To study peculiarities of impact of individual psychological personality traits on the dynamics of mental states in footballers at different stages of long-term preparation.
Methods. Analysis of scientific and methodical literature, information resources of Internet, methods of psychological diagnostics and pedagogical control of footballers’ fitness, methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. Manifestation of mental states in accordance with peculiarities of overcame and fulfilled mental loads under conditions of extreme activity contributes to the development and formation of skills, knowledge, efficient self-regulation of athletes under complex conditions of competition. The higher is training status of a footballer, the more confident he feels and the more apparently are expressed adaptive emotional responses, which mobilize him.
Conclusion. Through personal orientation at the conditions of significant activity, system of dominating motives, adequacy of self-estimation of own abilities the footballer achieves such level of emotional tension, which allows him to feel ready for competition and to realize effectively the achieved level of functional fitness and special work capacity in the process of activity.

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