Автори: Ірина Бойко, Лідія Радченко
Розділ: Олимпийское Образование
Видано у номері: 2018, 4
Ключові слова: volunteer, volunteer at the Olympic games, the Olympic sport, доброволец, волонтер, Олимпийские игры, олимпийский спорт

Objective: to examine the trends in establishment and development of the volunteer movement in the system of Olympic sport and to justify the ways to involve various segments of the Ukrainian population in volunteering.
Methods. Analysis of specialized literature, documentary materials, and Internet resources, historical and logical analysis, structural and functional analysis, surveying, methods of mathematical statistics.
Results and conclusions. The study identified the main trends that are inherent in the Olympic volunteer movement, in particular the important role of the latest computer technologies; an expanding of the range of functional responsibilities and an increase in the total number of people wishing to assist in the organization of the Olympic Games; an increase in the percentage of foreigners among volunteers of the event; a decrease in the mean age of volunteers; a strengthening of the rules for selecting and expanding the content of training programs for Olympic volunteers with each Olympic cycle. The areas of volunteers' activities at the Olympic Games were examined, in the framework of which it is appropriate to carry out their training: interaction with IOC, NOC, ISF; coordination of arrivals and departures; participation in ceremonies; assistance to the organization of doping control; provision of protocol services to officials; technological support; assistance to the work of media-centers; coordination of transportation services; assistance to the accreditation service; volunteering at the Olympic events; linguistic services; catering services. The promising ways for the development of volunteer activity in Ukraine as a component of the development of the Olympic movement were justified and their effectiveness was determined: creation of the sections on volunteer activities on sports organizations' websites; development and implementation of special educational programs; development of measures aimed at attracting people to volunteering; creation of volunteer training centers; inclusion of the topic “Sports and Olympic volunteering" into educational programs of educational institutions; coverage of sports volunteering issues in textbooks on physical education for educational institutions; carrying out the studies on the issues of sports volunteering in educational institutions; promotion of the volunteer movement in the media; establishing links between sports and volunteer organizations; introduction of the practice of engaging sports volunteers to other areas of voluntary assistance.

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