Автори: Наталія Євпак
Розділ: Спортивная Подготовка
Видано у номері: 2018, 4
Ключові слова: competitive activity, water polo, female athletes, specialized preparedness, tactics, соревновательная деятельность, водное поло, спортсменки, специальная подготовленность, тактика

Objective. Integrated assessment of specialized preparedness of skilled female water polo athletes aimed at the substantiation and development of practical recommendations on the effective use of water polo tactical schemes in the competitive period taking into account the functional capabilities of the body.
Methods. An analysis of scientific and methodological literature; a questionnaire survey; physiological methods; psychophysiological methods; pedagogical testing; assessment of competitive performance; methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. Competitive performance assessment of female water polo players was carried out on the basis of the data of their performance during water polo matches and with the use of their parameters of technical and tactical skills during the matches. The result of assessment was compared to the model characteristics that made it possible to determine the correspondence of displayed level of specialized preparedness of the water polo player to her sports qualification. The specialized preparedness of the athletes was examined comprehensively on the basis of relationships among the psychophysiological condition, speed abilities, and throwing efficacy, and taking into account the menstrual phase. The variants of application of technical-tactical schemes in water polo that take into account the team roles were developed and proposed to maximize and improve the realization of individual mastery by athletes that helped to optimize the competitive activity of the team in whole. This was confirmed by the growing performance of Ukrainian junior and women's national water polo teams.
Conclusions. Recommendations on designing competitive tactics of the team and determining individual actions of water polo players were introduced into the practice of competitions of the leading club teams of Ukraine, as well as of Ukrainian women's and junior national teams.

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