Автори: Юрій Павленко, Володимир Платонов
Розділ: Зарубежный Опыт
Видано у номері: 2018, 4
Ключові слова: the Netherlands, Olympic sport, organization, financing, athlete preparation, sports centers, scientific support, Нидерланды, олимпийский спорт, организация, финансирование, подготовка спортсменов, спортивные центры, научное обеспечение

Objective. To reveal and summarize the peculiarities of athlete preparation system functioning in the Netherlands.
Methods . Analysis and generalization of data from scientific and documentary sources.
Results. The main goal of sport development is to make the Netherlands among the top ten world’s leading sports countries. The development of sport is the responsibility of the National Olympic Committee with sports federations, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Sport. Since 2004, the country has implemented four-year sports development programs. The main efforts are aimed at creating an effective and flexible organization of the sports sector with the introduction and application of modern principles of management and integrity; the achievement of stable and higher sport financing to make it financially secure, diversified and actively developing; the formation of an appropriate infrastructure; the development and implementation of training programs that qualitatively and quantitatively increase the competitiveness of athletes at the global level, covering the age period from 8 years until the end of a sports career; formation of effective and efficient training programs for coaches and managers; the provision of medical services in the conditions of centralized training and at the place of residence; monitoring the implementation of targeted programs and activities of the Olympic Committee; scientific support and the use of innovations through the improvement of interdisciplinary connections, the integration of sports science and practice.
Conclusion. The modern system of athletes’ preparation in the Netherlands is based on the development of sports infrastructure; talent identification and development; support of athletes and the opportunity for them to get a double career; the training of highly qualified coaches and sports managers; providing permanent individual medical care for athletes; promoting sports programs; anti-doping activities; monitoring the development of sport; scientific support and the use of innovations; sports promotion.

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