Автори: Махмут Асак, Мехмет Фатіх Коркмаз, Селал Ташкіран, Сулейман Енес Карабулут, Серкан Дуз, Рамазан Байєр
Розділ: Биомеханика
Видано у номері: 2019, 1
Ключові слова: Wrestling, wrestling shoe, Pes planus, shoe design, flat feet, боротьба, взуття для боротьби, плоскостопість, дизайн взуття
Wrestling as a performance sport needs to be physically healthy and having well balance as well as physiological, psychological, technical, tactical, and basic motoric properties. The balance in wrestling is very important and the structure of the sole of the foot plays an important role in the balance of the wrestlers. It is seen that the wrestling shoes are not considered so much in terms of the degree to which athletes' health aff ects during the fi rst years when they were offi cially worn. The aim of the study was to examine the eff ectiveness of a new wrestling shoe design and prototype on the wrestlers. Dynamic foot motion analysis and detection of foot sensor with bluetooth sensor were used. 80 randomly selected wrestlers age 14 and 30 who were active and living in province of Malatya and Kahramanmaras were examened. It is known that the shoes used in wrestling sport are offi cially unchanged from the fi rst days until today. In these shoes, it was found that there is no heel elevation and orthopedic arch support. It is thought that this situation aff ects the prevelance of fl atfoot in wrestlers. For this reason, the redesign of wrestling shoes that have been used for more than 100 years is among the priority targets of protecting athletes' health. Therefore, it is expected that this new wrestling shoe to be designed will reduce the prevalence of fl at feet in wrestlers and improve the quality of life of individuals dealing with wrestling. Dynamic foot pressure analysis was made for the all wrestling shoes. Plantar pressure distribution of the fore and rearfoot was computed in dynamic conditions by means of force cells located on the insole. At the end of the analysis, it was only seen in the new designed wrestling shoe that body weight did not transferred through the arch region of the foot and follows the ideal transition route from back of the foot towards the front throughout the lateral side of the foot. At the end of analysis, the gait line and the center of pressure of the wrestlers were seen to be most ideal level in the new designed shoe. Thus, increasing the performance and success of the athletes are possible by using the most innovative products. The main aim of our future research is to design a new generation of wrestling shoe which provides the athlete with the highest athletic performance by allowing the human foot to act according to its anatomical structure with unique functionality.

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