Автори: Олександр Дмитрієв, Лариса Гуніна
Розділ: Медицина И Биология
Видано у номері: 2019, 2
Ключові слова: elite sport, motor qualities, pharmaconutrients, creatine monohydrate, β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate, beta-alanine, competitive activity efficiency, спорт вищих досягнень, рухові якості, фармаконутрієнти, креатинмоногідрат, бета-аланін, β-гідрокси-β-метилбутират, ефективність змагальної діяльності

Objective: To summarize and highlight the world literature data on a relatively new class of modern food supplements with a high degree of efficient usage in training and competitive process of highly skilled athletes.
Methods. Analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodological literature data, analysis of the results of reference databases.
Results. The mechanisms of influence on the development of motor qualities of modern pharmaconutrients have been presented in the review paper, criteria have been formulated to refer the food supplements to the class of pharmaconutrients, and their safety in course application in the practice of training athletes has been evaluated. The important role of creatine (in the form of creatine monohydrate) in reducing the severity of physical load induced muscle microdamages and manifestation of their delayed soreness, being one of the important signs of slowing recovery and reducing physical and functional fitness has been emphasized. The main positive effects of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate are the acceleration of recovery after physical loads, the increase in muscle strength, the increase in lean body mass along with the decrease of the fat component, the increase in physical power during aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The main ways for realization of the ergogenic effect of beta-alanine are the increase of the work capacity indices during physical loads of predominantly aerobic mechanism of work provision and inhibition of the fatigue onset.
Conclusion. The considered pharmaconutrients should find their place in the programs of nutritiological support of athletes with account for the safety, efficacy, specificity of training process and preparation stage, as well as individual data of clinical, laboratory and functional testing of the athlete.

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