Автори: Володимир Платонов, Юрій Павленко, Володимир Томашевський
Розділ: Зарубежный Опыт
Видано у номері: 2019, 2
Ключові слова: strategy, оrganization, realization, support, monitoring, стратегія, організація, реалізація, забезпечення, моніторинг

Objective. To analyze the history of formation and organizational and methodological bases of French athletes preparation in the Olympic sport.
Methods. Analysis and generalization of special literature, documentary sources and materials of the Internet; system analysis; historical and logical method; comparative method.
Results. Elite sport reforming in France, which began in the 1960s, is directly related to the intensification of state regulation. Today, the Olympic preparation system is almost entirely in the field of public administration. To promote the success of national teams in the international arena, an independent and influential group of highly qualified experts has been formed. The composition of the expert group is coordinated with all state and public organizations involved in the preparation of athletes. It deals with specific and rather narrow issues of organizational, personnel, material, technical, scientific, medical, social, financial support of French athletes’ preparation for the Olympic Games.
Conclusions. France belongs to countries where autonomous management of the Olympic preparation is carried out. Determining, ensuring and controlling the implementation of the strategy of preparing athletes for major international competitions is the responsibility of the National Committee of Elite Sport, which holds administrative levers of management and consolidated financial resources. This approach makes it possible to effectively coordinate and subordinate the approved strategies of the activities of numerous state and public organizations responsible for the development of sport.

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