Автори: Лариса Гуніна
Розділ: Биология
Видано у номері: 2015, 2
Ключові слова: физические нагрузки, работоспособность, диетические добавки, physical loads, work capacity, dietetic supplements

Objective. To form the notion about the place and role of dietetic supplements as the factors of trepsological and pharmacological provision of sports preparation.
Methods. Analysis and generalization of data of scientific-methodical literature and the results of own studies.
Results. It has been stressed that dietetic supplements are not the drugs but play an important role in homeostasis maintenance under physical loads. The groups of supplements, their major representatives and vectors of their influence on physical and mental work capacity chains have been described, expediency of their usage with account for the point of application of their action upon metabolic chains has been substantiated. The necessity of preliminary estimation of the absence of prohibited substances in these supplements has been accentuated.
Conclusion. Improvement of the efficiency of dietetic supplement usage necessitates the knowledge of vectors of their actions on specific system-targets with account for the sports event, preparation period and athlete individual characteristics.

Онлайн версия журнала "Наука в олимпийском спорте""

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