Автори: Віктор Болобан
Розділ: Биомеханика
Видано у номері: 2015, 2
Ключові слова: сенсорные системы, координация, статокинетическая устойчивость, равновесие тела, техническая подготовка, вестибулярная тренировка, sensory systems, coordination, statokinetic stability, body equilibrium, technical preparation, vestibular training

Objective. To analyze and evaluate sensomotor coordination as the basis of technical preparation.
Methods. Analysis and generalization of scientific-methodical literature, vestibulometry, stabilography, testing, expert estimation, control tasks, vestibular training.
Results. Indices of sensomotor coordination of those training according to the program of general educational institution reach optimum age individual values by 12-14 years and 11-13 years in boys and girls, respectively; increase of statokinetic stability in children aged 10-12 years reaches high values (up to 40 % of initial level). Sensomotor coordination of МS and IMS mainly corresponds to the level of technical skills, sports event specifics, functional responsibilities of athletes, «participates» in formation of strategy of motion management, «works» as an internal integrity of the content of phase structure of exercise sports technique.
Conclusion. Development and improvement of sensomotor coordination as the basis of technical preparation and fitness are achieved by means of vestibular training (programs: Orientation, Coordination, Body posture, Equilibrium, Motor interaction) during strict reglamentation and control for executed exercises.

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