Автори: Павло Назар, Олена Шевченко, Оксана Осадча, Марія Левон
Розділ: Медицина
Видано у номері: 2014, 1
Ключові слова: иммунитет, большие нагрузки, квалифицированный спортсмен, immunity, large loads, qualified athlete

Objective. To study peculiarities of the changes in characteristics of immune status in qualified athletes before and after training sessions with large loads aimed to develop the special stamina (as exemplified by track and field athletes).
Methods. Analysis of research literature data and results of own investigations.
Results. It was found that the immune status of qualified athletes before training session does not differ from those of people from the reference group. This suggests adaptation of the immune system to amount of training loads. After the training sessions with large loads aimed to development of special endurance athletes’ immune status changes.
Conclusion. Immunological changes arising after large training loads should be considered as temporary, and their non-pharmacological correction is appropriate only in borderline states of immune system.

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