Автори: Ольга Борисова, Марина Ібраімова
Розділ: Зарубежный Опыт
Видано у номері: 2015, 2
Ключові слова: спорт, теннис, тренерское образование, стандарты, образовательные программы, курсы, sport, tennis, coach education, standards, education programs, courses

Objective. To substantiate the usage of the system of knowledge and advanced experience in professional tennis to improve preparation of experts in physical education and sport.
Methods. Analysis, synthesis and generalization; сomparison and analogy; methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. The level of professional preparation of coaches represents factor determining athletes’ achievements. Today there is an acute need in formation of the requirements, elaboration of standards, competence of athletes and establishment of mechanisms of interstate recognition of education. Оptimum form in the system of higher education are the courses for coaches envisaging reception of the initial education or qualification improvement according to programs elaborated in accordance with international demands.
Conclusion. Experience aprobated by the International tennis federation may be used not only for development of single criteria for experts under conditions of globalization but for development of national systems of expert preparation as well.

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