Автори: Володимир Гамалій, Олена Шевчук
Розділ: Биомеханика
Видано у номері: 2014, 4
Ключові слова: martial arts, athletes, technical and tactical skills, единоборства, спортсмены, технико-тактическое мастерство

Objective. Determination of the peculiarities of the process of improving technico-tactical mastery of athletes, specialized in combat sports, at different stages of long-term preparation and search for the ways of its intensification.
Methods. Analysis and integration of data of scientific and methodical literature, experience of advanced coaching practice, competitive activity of athletes, registration and analysis of the technique of athlete motor actions and its modelling.
Results. Major directions of technico-tactical preparation of athletes in different events of combat sport at the stages of specialized basic preparation, maximal realization of individual capacities and maintenance of the highest achievements as well as possibilities of its intensification have been determined.
Conclusion. The program for improvement the techniques of motor actions of skilled athletes at the stage of basic preparation should be based upon objective quantitative models of basic mechanisms of technical actions of leading athletes with account for the trends of development of a definite combat sport event at the modern stage.

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