Автори: Владислав Столяров
Розділ: Приглашаем К Дискуссии
Видано у номері: 2015, 3
Ключові слова:

Objective. Аnalysis of disputing problems of sports theory: notions of sport and its contemporary meaning. Меthods. Аuthor’s logico-methodological technology of notion determination: account for the efficiency of determinations; differentiation of their informed and terminological aspects; introduction of the system of notions. Principles and provisions of dialectical method.
Results. System of notions characterizing the objects present in various sports definitions has been introduced: general notion of competition; notions outlining the competition forms as the elements of different spheres of social life (material production, economics, etc.) and types of activities; notion of sports competition and its various forms and models.
Conclusion. Dialectically contradictory character of contemporary sport has been substantiated, positive and negative aspects of its role in the process of personality socialization and social relations have been, analysis of the complex of factors (subjective and objective) determining this role of sport has been presented.

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