Автори: Міхаель Вензель
Розділ: Зарубежный Опыт
Видано у номері: 2015, 2
Ключові слова: national team, Olympic achievements, sports system, restructurization, национальная команда, олимпийские достижения, система спорта, реструктуризация
Performance of national team of Austria at winter Olympic Games in 1988-2014 has been performed. It was characterized by the desire to participate in all sports events, winning of the majority of medals in skiing, biathlon and luge, and entering the top ten best teams in unofficial team classification. In accordance with Federal law on sport support of 2013 the priorite directions in sport system restructurization have been determined: coordination of financial support, complex scientific approach to sports selection and orientation, improvement of the coach status, integration of sports science and practice, coordination of construction and usage of sports facilities, organizational consolidation of sports managing structures.

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